December 26, 2001

Who Cares?
Ray C.

It's Christmas Day here in Australia, 6:30pm to be precise and I'm going to see "The Fellowship of the Ring" in the morning at 9:30am!!! You seppo's (short for "septic tank"- Aussie rhyming slang for "yank") have been watching this movie for a week and we've been still hanging out. I've been reading all your reveiws, your comments, your criticisms, and your hype for over a year now and I DON'T CARE!!! Tomorrow I'm gonna see a movie made from my favorite book of all time and I'm gonna be in "hog heaven". I've scored the third and fourth tickets sold for the first showing of FOTR in my city (Surfer's Paradise) and I'm STOKED!!!! I've read all the spoilers that were'nt flagged (like Arwen being at Weathertop, nauseum and I STILL DON'T CARE!!!..... I'M GOING TO SEE FOTR IN THE MORNING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! :)