December 30, 2001

Well Worth the Wait
Simon G.

I too am from Australia, and this was my second time I've seen the movie, and I have to say I enjoyed it more than first time. Being a Tolkien fan I analyised it alot as well as enjoying it immensley, but seeing it a 2nd time, was fantasic! What a magnificant movie PJ has created for Tolkien fan's. I rate the FOTR movie to be about 96% true to the book, and thats being very picky. (you didn't need Liv Tyler though, sorry) Other than that it has been true to the book as best as humanily possible. The detail, emotion, fantasy, drama, and action of the movie took my breath away! The pages of the FOTR came to life on screen. It was truly in awe! The legend has truly come to life!! To you Peter Jackson, my deepest gratitute for creating such a magnificant masterpiece of Tolkien inspired film. I have no doubt the next 2 movies will be equally as awesome!