Mark Ferguson

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Fergusion is Gil-galad


Return of the King, The (2002)
Two Towers, The (2001)
Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
When Ponds Freeze Over (1998)

Every Woman's Dream (1996) TV
Hercules, Circle of Fire (1994) TV
"Shortland Street" (1992) TV
"Marlin Bay" (1992) TV
Rainbow Warrior, The (1992)
Far Country, The (1986) TV

Information on this actor is not readily available on the Net, so his bio will be rather sparse. Like other LOTR actors, he has appeared in various Hercules and Xena television episodes. His part in the films is probably going to be small, but we're not sure where it's going to be so we just put him down for all three films.

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