Artist: Eiszmann


Other Names: Lord Denethor
Date of Birth: 2930
Date of Death: March 15, 3019
Height: 6 ft.
Hair Color: Grey
Parents: Ecthelion II

History: In 2984 Denethor became the Lord of Minas Tirith and Steward of all Gondor. He grows to hate and fear Gandalf the Grey. His years grow long and his wisdom darkens. Denethor finds great love for his first son Boromir and becomes estranged to his second Faramir. With the appearance of a discomforting dream, he sends his son Boromir to Imladris for the counsel of Elrond. At the loss of his son Boromir and the near mortal wounding of his other son Faramir, he retreats to Rath Dinen with the the body of Faramir and his palantir. There he instructs his servants to begin a fire on a pyre to burn himself and his son Faramir. Beregond of the Guard of Minas Tirith saves Faramir but shed the blood of countrymen to do so. There Denethor was wholly burned and passed from the Tale of the Ring. It is said that when one looks into that palantir would see two aged hands withering in flames unless he had power enough to turn its gaze elsewhere.

Denethor will be played by John Noble in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He will possibly be appearing in The Fellowship of the Ring, and will most certainly be appearing in The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

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