Artist: Hildebrandt


Other Names: Curunir, Sharkey
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: November 3, 3019 T.A.
Height: 5.6 to 6 ft.
Hair Color: Grey
Parents: Unknown

History: Saruman spent most of his life studying the lore of the Rings of Power. He grew a great lust for the One Ring. Saruman then began his own search for the Ruling Ring and mustered his own army of Orcs and Men to compete with that of Mordor. He fell under the sway of Sauron by means of a palantir. He then was forced to give great deals of information to Sauron against his well. When Gandalf sought Saruman for council ere Frodo left the Shire, Saruman held him captive in Orthanc since Gandalf would not aid him in his search for the Ring. Gandalf escaped without Saruman's knowledge. As the Tale of the Ring continued Saruman was besieged by the Ents and the ring of Isengard was destroyed. He was trapped within Orthanc which the Ents could not penetrate. At the arrival of Gandalf, Grima, Saruman's spy, tossed a palantir which missed Saruman and flew out the window. Then Saruman's staff was broken and he was released against the advice of Gandalf. Then Saruman left the south and headed for the Shire. Then he caused great mischief. When the War of the Ring ended the four hobbit companions returned. They foiled the plans of Saruman and as he was beginning to leave the shire, his throat was slit by Wormtongue. So did he pass from Middle-Earth.

Christopher Lee

Saruman will be played by Christopher Lee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He will possibly be appearing in The Fellowship of the Ring, and will most certainly be appearing in The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

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