Artist: Edelfeldt

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Other Names: Gollum, Stinker, Slinker
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: March 25, 3019
Height: 4.5 ft.
Hair Color: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
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History: Naught is known of Gollum except for his part in the tale of the Rings of Power. He wasn't always such a horrible creature. Once he was of Hobbit kind before the One Ring ate his mind and body. His best friend, Déagol, found the One Ring while swimming in the river Anduin. When Sméagol demanded that he receive it as a birthday gift, Déagol refused. Sméagol then murdered him and thus began the life of the wretched Gollum, hiding in shadows and adoring his precious. Then Bilbo came upon the Ring in the Orc tunnels under the Misty Mountains. Gollum never forgot how Bilbo found the One Ring and tricked him in a riddle game. Gollum eventually grew to hate the name Baggins. He was drawn to the Ring and followed Frodo and Sam to Mordor. Thus his fate was sealed in the War of the Ring.
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Sméagol is going to be entirely computer generated by the folks at WETA. From what Jackson has told us so far, he's going to be quite spectacular and very life-like. Very few pics of Sméagol have been released so far.
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