NZ Auditions

Evening Standard

July 5, 1999

Dreams of Fame in the Rain
Lee Matthews

Dreams of stardom, of fame, of rubbing shoulders with the famous buoyed about 150 people waiting in the rain for extras auditions for the film, Lord of the Rings, in Palmerston North on Saturday.

Adults of all ages and sizes excelt 5ft 9in queued from before 8am to audition between 10am and 3pm. A notice from the casting company on the door of Palmerston North Boys' High School's old gym spelt out height restrictions -- people had to be shorter than 5ft 8in or taller than 5ft 10in.

A knot of people hard against the door said they had turned up around 8am and had seen the queue form behind them. Most people came from 9am on. Rain did not noticeably dampen anyone's spirits.

Why did they want to be in the film? Answers varied, but the most common was the fame and fourtune dream. Even just rubbing shoulders with the famous was another answer. Fun and money also featured.