RPG Games
The Trilogy

Platus Productions

July 8, 1999

Platus Productions to Develop LOTR Game

The Trilogy is an RPG game being developed by Platus Productions (Freestyle, gaming designers) and will be an RPG/adventure game. We have pondered over many times on how to incorporate the exact storyline into the game and add surprises to those who've read it while still staying true to Tolkien's masterpiece. The result is this: an RPG game that can be played through the stories exactly as they were, but allows the player to explore Middle-Earth locations not in some of the stories (such as visiting Bree while playing The Hobbit section of the game).

These extra places will allow the player to receive items and explore places that will yield rewards for those who take on these extra challenges. So, overall  the game will have main path that can be left and returned to. Fighting will be similar to that of Final Fantasy 3 (basically turn-based) and all familiar items will be included (such as mithril mail, lembas, athelas, etc.). 

There will be many interesting puzzles you will have to solve (similar to that of the King's Quest series) and standard RPG/adventure game elements will be present (statistics, puzzles, trading items, vast cities, and exploration). Beta testers will be needed, though it will probably be free for download for those who want to try it out as well. Our web site will be up very soon and will answer questions you may have.