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July 18, 1999

Questions & Answers With Michael Deluca

Q: No hints on who's up for Gandalf? Not even a tiny clue?
A: Sir Ian McKellen is under consideration for Gandalf.

Q: Have you offered the role of Gandalf to anyone, for example Sean Connery, Tom Baker, Al Pacino, etc.
A: Casting will probably be complete by the end of August. Sean Connery passed on Gandalf. Too much of a time commitment.

Q: What do you expect the accents to be?
A: We thought the humans should be American, and the Hobbits and everyone else be British. We definitely won't have anyone doing phony accents.

Q: How soon before we get the final casting list for Peter Jackson's adaptation of Lord Of The Rings? I'm crossing my fingers that Kate Winslet will be found somewhere in this project (Eowyn). Can you tell me if she'll be in the movie?
A: I think it'll be end of September for a complete cast list. Winslet's unavailable, I'm afraid. I think she passed on the project due to the length of time it takes.

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