July 25, 1999

Elenaran, a fellow Tolkien fan, e-mailed Gordon Paddison who has some connection with the official LOTR movie site with this question.

I know that you are very busy and this is probably too insignificant to take any of your time, but I have a question about the Lord of the Rings movie logo you have on the official web site: Why did you choose Old English runes? True, Tolkien did use them on the map in The Hobbit, but why not use Cirth, which looks just like Old English, but is used only in Tolkien's Middle-Earth? Actually, I would have preferred the use of Tengwar, which is the script that is actually used on the One Ring. I am sorry to bother you, and I know that you probably don't have any control over what the logo looks like, but you were the only OFFICIAL email I could find.

Thank you for your e-mail. The logo on the lordoftherings.net web site is a preliminary logo and we may alter the logo in the coming year. This was our first introduction to announce the film and we wanted to give the fans a 'first look' at the artwork that peter Jackson had created.

I like your idea of using Tengwar script from the One Ring. I will mention this to our creative department as we move forward with concepts for the film. Thank you for your interest in the film and we will have updated news for fans on the official web site for the film.

Gordon Paddison
New Line Cinema
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