Matt Datillo
July 27, 1999

Questions for Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis (aka. "Willow" and "Wicket" from Return of the Jedi) was at the Visions show here in Boston signing autographs.  Later in the day my friend approached him to have him sign something.  He seemed really nice and wasn't busy, so I asked him if he'd been contacted by New Line. He said that he had done an audition, but that they were going to go with full sized actors and shrink them, etc. (which we know). I mentioned that that was too bad as I would have liked to have seen him in it somewhere. He thanked me and off I went (as I walked away I heard him say 'that was nice' to his wife).  Of course I thought later that I should have asked him which part he auditioned for, etc., but I didn't.

That's kind of disappointing in a sense because that must have been something that he always dreamed of doing as an actor with his particular ability. I understand the whole digital thing and the advantages that brings to filmmakers and us as an audience, but I would think they could have fit him in somewhere...but I guess the inconsistencies would show too much.