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September 9, 1999

Platus Productions Interview

Jeremiah Lewis, our resident journalist, has once again come up with an excellent interview. This time the head of Platus Productions answers some questions about their upcoming RPG game called The Trilogy.

Jeremiah: Thank you so much for allowing us to talk with you about your new game. I'd like to begin by asking what the impetus was for creating a Tolkien RPG? There have been many attempts in the past to recreate or simulate Tolkien's world, and for the most part, these attempts have fallen short, or deviated from true Tolkien mythos and storytelling. Will Platus Productions' game be different?

Smeagol88: You're welcome! =) Basically, I've been a huge fan of Tolkien's works and decided to play around with making a game based on the books. I got farther than expected and went ahead and posted it on the net. People started to inquire about helping out and it just grew from there! Yes, there have been many attempts at recreating Tolkien's world. It is my hope that the Platus game is successful in doing this. It is my guess that everyone is never satisfied, but we will strive to make as many people happy as we can.

Jeremiah: Will the game tie in with the movies in any way? For instance, will plot be similar, or characters added or reduced?

Smeagol88: The game is not related to the movies in any way, and we are basing everything on the actual books.

Jeremiah: In terms of style, what will this game look like? Will it be similar to Final Fantasy, or will it be a 3D game, or will it incorporate aspects of both styles?

Smeagol88: It will be a 2D game, but will have semi realistic graphics and possibly some rendered parts, that has still to be decided.

Jeremiah: How do you think your game measures up (or will measure up to) the games being produced synchronously by Sierra (Middle-Earth and Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient)?

Smeagol88: Being that The Trilogy is a hobby game made by people around that internet, the game will not exactly be professionally done. Sierra's games will definitely be fun, but we are doing what most Tolkien gamers are looking for: to play as your favorite characters from the books through The Lord of the Rings. Interplay did it with much success (in my opinion), but it was simply never finished. We want people to be able to experience the books through a fun and enternaining game.

Jeremiah: As a final question, when will this game be released, and how much publicity do you plan on using for its release?

Smeagol88: I am not sure of the release date, but we will try to get it out before the movies. The amount of publicity depends on our success with Tolkien Enterprises and licensing.

Jeremiah: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We all look forward to seeing more surprises by your team!

Smeagol88: Thanks for having me! I look forward to the release as much as everyone else! =)

For more information on the upcoming game, as well as details on how you can beta test, please visit the Platus Productions web site.