The LOTR Movie Site
September 19, 1999

It's Up to the New Zealanders Now
Matthew Bass

Well folks, filming is set to start on October 11th. That's less than 23 days away. It's expected that once things get rolling very little news will be made available to the general public, so this site and others like it are relying on our New Zealand friends to provide us with the spy reports we crave!

Future plans in this area include establishing a password-protected update area so New Zealand fans who have provided us with accurate information in the past can update certain pages. Also in the works is a photo album featuring images of wonderful New Zealand scenery.

If you live in New Zealand, please consider asking around about the movies. Every time you send us info we'll be delighted to give you the full credit you deserve for your hard work, and all the other Internet-going Tolkien fans will be forever in your debt. We've setup a new e-mail address specifically for urgent news from New Zealand. Please make good use of it.

Remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Without you loyal Tolkien fans this site would never be possible!