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The Compleat Sean Bean
September 24, 1999

Sean Bean Confirmed as Boromir

Sean has been confirmed in the part of Boromir in The Fellowship of the Rings, the first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Click here for the Lord of the Rings page.

Here's some earlier news that we missed from The Complea Sean Bean, including a message from Sean's agent discussing his offer.

Despite assorted confirmations of Sean being cast as Boromir in LOTR on various websites, Sean's agent in the UK has advised me the role is still being negotiated.

As Sean Bean's agent and the person negotiating the deal for Sean Bean on LOTR, I can confirm that Harry Knowles is correct in that Sean Bean has been offered the part of Boromir by New Line, however until satisfactory negotiations have been concluded and we are currently still in discussions, I would never assume that anything is definite.

Out of fairness to Sean and his agent -- and not to take anything away from all the webmasters who have diligently been tracking the casting of the LOTR trilogy, and who have been in touch and who have directed fans of LOTR to The Compleat -- until I receive absolute confirmation from London that all the negotiations are over and done with, all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted, Sean Bean as Boromir will stay on the Rumours page (for now).