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September 26, 1999

Commentary on Recent Casting

I'm not too sure I would put too much stock in Film Unlimited's recent article concerning the possible role of the incredibly homely Uma Thurman in LOTR until some kind of official confirmation comes out...considering they couldn't even get the order of the films correct...

If they are indeed correct (my worst nightmare come to life), I would speculate her role is actually that of Eowyn, not Galadriel, contrary to former rumours...both Eowyn and Faramir are introduced in the second film, The Two Towers, and have more prominent roles in the last film, The Return of the King. Or rather I should say book, instead of film, since we have no idea what all will be edited out in the films.

In terms of Terrance Stamp...perhaps Lord Denethor?  (I would prefer to see Anthony Hopkins in that role, and Sean Connery in the role of Theoden, but my hopes are not very high for that.)  I think Mr. Stamp would fill the Lord Denethor's shoes quite nicely, however.  Again, however, due to the Film Unlimited writer's lack of attention to details, I am still not convinced he or she is not chasing shadows.