The LOTR Movie Site
September 27, 1999

Details on Reorganization of Middle Earth Online
Matthew Bass

Those of you who visit this site regularly probably already know that Sierra recently announced the halt and reorganization of Middle Earth Online (the Internet RPG game they were working on) and the complete axing (no pun intended) of Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient. Naturally, these two stunning announcements have disturbed many fans. I myself was looking forward to seeing what Sierra could come up with in terms of Tolkien RPGs.

According to several sources, the reason for the reorganization of Middle Earth Online is to make it more mass-marketable. I suppose this means that many of the traits we expected the game to have will be modified or outright deleted. It's obvious that the department heads at Sierra don't realize the potential here. Lord of the Rings is shaping up to be a true blockbuster.

Andre, a regular visitor to our site, recently e-mailed me some excellent links to resources regarding both the cancellation of Orcs and the reorganization of Middle Earth Online. I encourage you to read over some of this material:

Middle Earth Online FAQ
Statement From Sierra's President
Former Development Team
Save Middle Earth Online Petition

Andre specifically requested that I encourage visitors to sign the Save Middle Earth Online Petition and let friends know about it as well. Perhaps if the entire Internet community makes a big enough ruckus Sierra will reconsider its decisions which, I think you'll all agree, are not wise! Thank you.