Rock Hard
October 5, 1999

Blind Guardian in the Tolkien Movies?

This was translated from German to English so pardon any innaccuracies. Thanks go to Martin for translating it and Patrick for sending it to us.

Many Lord of the Rings fans probably know it, yet for all others it might be the most joyful news since the invention of the pre-warmed cinema chair: By the end of this year the shootings for the screen adaptation in three parts of the most successful fantasy book ever will take place in New Zealand. Cult director Peter Jackson (Braindead, Meet the Feebles, Heavenly Creatures) sets priority on rather less famous actors from New Zealand (what a boon!) and is thinking about forming a contrast with the usual "Hollywood-fast-shoot-sound". A second mega-catastrophe á la "Star Wars -- Episode I” is not to be feared. The best thing is that this time Tolkien fans can give recommendations about who should write the soundtrack for the trilogy at the LOTR Movie Site's voting booth: www.tolkien-movies.com

In the selections there are, next to diverse well-known film music specialists, the fantasy metallers Blind Guardian! So hurry up to the next reachable computer and log on to the net of nets! Blind Guardian themselves are going on with making themselves scarce, because singer Hansi Kürsch has to take a break after his acute hearing loss. The planned EP will be crossed out and the songs, that have already been written for it will take place on the next album. Demons & Wizards, the Project of Hansi and Iced Earth-Boss Jon Schaffer, will eventually be concrete before Christmas. During the recording sessions in Morrisound studio in Florida studio owner Jim Morris and drummer Richard Stjernquist have been in on it.