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October 12, 1999

An Unlikely Looking HQ For a $300 Million Film

In north Miramar hard up under Mt Crawford an old "Mel-o-rich" milkshake powder factory is home to New Zealand's largest ever cultural investment -- the Lord of the Rings trilogy being filmed over the next 18 months under the direction of Peter Jackson.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday, Scoop scouted out Camperdown Studios -- on the corner or Camperdown and Weta Sts -- HQ to Peter Jackson’s massive film project.

Camperdown was not -- yet anyway -- the hive of activity one might expect it to be. No limousines nor anyone vaguely famous was spotted. Admittedly it was a Sunday.

The site appeared to be completely covered in low barracks like buildings with various industrial milk handling apparatus attached. There are also lots of signs referring those interested in talking to Weta digital to a relatively new looking office block at the rear of the site.

Out front was a rusty bus, out rear a triumph sports convertible. The kids were kind of disappointed there were no milk-shakes.