Gazeta Wyborcza
October 29, 1999

Excerpt From Gazeta LOTR Article
Matthew Bass

Wit Dominik was kind enough to send us this excerpt from the recent Gazeta Wyborcza article regarding Wojciech Kilar composing the LOTR soundtrack.

Peter Jackson said: "I wanted to have European music, symphonical, not American. I've always imaginated Tolkien's Middle-Earth as old Europe."

Polish composer is excited about this proposition. But he will start working in about 6 months - as soon as there will be the first fragments of movie, which let him imaginate it.

Kilar, who made the music for Polish superproduction "Pan Tadeusz" (on Polish screens from last Friday, www.pan-tadeusz.pl), is  also the composer of some foreign movies, for example: "Dracula","Truman Show".

The article was translated from Polish, so forgive the grammatical errors. Many thanks to Wit for translating this and sending it to us.