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November 17, 1999

Two Very Interesting Rumors
Matthew Bass

I just wanted to highlight these rumors, mostly because they're interesting and too lengthy to post in the Rumors area.

The word is out that Peter Jackson is getting pressure from New Line Cinema to increase the presence of females in the films by creating two new warrior princess (Valkyrie type) roles. Initial discussions are to have the women trek down from the northern hills of the Ered Luin near the Icebay of Forochel and join the fellowship at Rivendell. New Line's current first choice to play the parts are Oprah Winfrey and Rossie O'Donnell. -- THARAN

Fran Walsh is a big X-files fan and is trying to persuade PJ to introduce an extra-terrestrial element into the films by developing a sub-plot that Sauron's special powers are the result of being a human-alien hybrid, and that Aragorn is in fact his long lost son. -- TOM

Hmmm. Well folks, this is the age we're living in!