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November 19, 1999

Information On Tolkienish Metal Band
Matthew Bass

Hoedr sent me an e-mail with some information on another Tolkien-dedicated metal band. Looks like they have a lot in common with Blind Guardian.

I have just went thorugh your webpage and I was wondering...

There is absolutely no recognition of the Black Metal band named
"Summoning". Probably you might not have heard about it, but I am going to
introduce you to what the band is.

Up to now, this band from Austria have dedicated all of their albums to the
work of Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings".

Their quick discography is the following:

-- Lugburz
-- Minas Morgul
-- Dol Guldur
-- Nightshade Forests
-- Stronghold

I believe their work is too grandiose to be kept under silence, so I think
you should try these links: