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November 25, 1999

Info on South Island Filming
Matthew Bass

Sam, our New Zealand spy coordinator, recently sent me an e-mail with some tidbits regarding which scenes are current being filmed for the trilogy.

A new contact linked to the Rings has just informed me that the scenes they are filming in the South Island, at present, are all battle scenes. No clues given as to which ones in particular.

The Evening Post article I sent in earlier stated that they were filming in or around three locations at once. However, the filming of battle scenes would be in keeping with recent reports coming out of the 'Mainland' of horse and rider auditioning and battle armour information.

My guess is that they're filming scenes from the battle at Helm's Deep. This would be consistent with the photos that Ain't It Cool News recently posted of a castle-like structure being assembled in a quarry, as well as the reports of horse and rider auditioning that Sam mentioned above.