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December 3, 1999

Short Aragorn Film in the Works
Matthew Bass

Sam Balcomb, a director from Elemental Films (an independent movie studio) dropped me an e-mail today with some info about an upcoming film.

From: elementalfilms@hotmail.com
To: bass@tolkien-movies.com
Date: 12-3-99 12:26 PM CST
Subject: Aragorn Project


First let me congradulate you on your informative site; I have found it to be very accurate to Mr. Jackson's ongoing projects.

I am an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles currently working on a short film depicting the farewell departure of young Aragorn and Arwen. It will be shot on Digital Video and encompassing effect shots by Adobe After-Effects and Media 100. Thought you and the Tolkien fans might like to know, and when it's done I can see if I can send over a Quicktime clip or two.

E-mail me if you wish for any more production tidbits or questions. Oh yes, and fans can direct their questions to: elementalfilms@hotmail.com

Thanks again for your website, and the best of luck.

Sam R. Balcomb
Director, Elemental Films