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December 12, 1999

Discovering Goodies at Harcourt Park
Johnny Grindlay

I received this news from Johnny by e-mail earlier today. I think it likely that he's telling the truth, especially since he can back-up his claims with photos, which we'll be posting when we get them from him. -- MATTHEW

Last Wednesday, my school went on an outing to Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt. Before I went, I studied the pics of the trees that are on your site so I could find out where they were filming. Anyway I found a massive big patch of dead grass. A couple of my friends and I walked around and in some bushes just off to the side of the patch and a found ripped piece of paper that was laminated and had a few letters on it, but I couldn't really make anything out.

We also found an area that had lots of little bits of paper. We picked them all up and sorted out the ones that had words on them. One of the ones that I found said "Weta Armor Prosthetics" and also said something like "cuFrodo" and I also found another piece that said "Sam." Unfortunately, my friend had them in his pocket when we had a water fight and they weren't able to be read, but luckily I remembered what they said. You may think this is made-up, but I promise it's true.

I also got a chunk of wood with a hole drilled in it. You can tell it had a bolt through it. I'll send you a photo of it. This also may seem fake, but I assure you everything that I've told you is true.

I also have hundreds of fake leaves that were found scattered around the entire area. I'll also try to send photos of them. When my site is online, I'm going to make it so people can order a couple of them.