The LOTR Movie Site
December 14, 1999

Elemental Films Flick Confirmed
Matthew Bass

Just got a note from Sam Balcomb at Elemental Films with confirmation that the info we recently received from Eomer (see this article) is legitimate.

From: elementalfilms@hotmail.com
To: bass@tolkien-movies.com
Date: 12-13-99 7:07 PM CST
Subject: Update Info


Just dropping a line saying that the information written to you from Eomer was an official Elemental Films statement -- sorry about the confusion; all of our news will go through either this AOL account or the Hotmail account (elementalfilms@hotmail.com).

This AOL account is for webmasters and press only -- fans can write to elementalfilms@hotmail.com. Hope this clears things up; hope everything's going well with the site.

-- Sam R. Balcomb
Director / Producer

So it looks like all the film news we've received so far is on the level.