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December 22, 1999

More Communications With Gordon Paddison
Matthew Bass

Elenaran sent an e-mail to Mr. Paddison, who is a New Line executive with connections to the official LOTR web site, a few months ago and got some good information. Now he's done it again.

Subject: Sorry to Bother Again
From: Elenaran
To: Gordon Paddison
Date: 12-21-99 7:23 PM

Dear Mr. Paddison:

A few months ago I wrote you concerning the logo on the www.lordoftherings.net site.   The email was about the type of script used on the logo.  It was/is Old English and I suggested Cirth/Angerthas or Tengwar. You responded and said you liked the idea.  I was just wondering what ever became of it?  Are you still considering changing the logo?

Thank you again,

Here is Mr. Paddison's reply:

Subject: Re: Sorry to Bother Again
From: Gordon Paddison
To: Elenaran
Date: 12-22-99 3:00 AM


The site for LOTR will relaunch at the top of the millennium (or late Jan). I did indeed discuss with design teams your comments and I am very interested. However, because the design style is currently being used on our distributor brochures, we will continue to use this treatment for the upcoming initial relaunch. However, there were several minor inconsistencies that will be corrected in the script (these were done in consultation with filmmakers and lanugage experts).

Thank you for your interest and I hope that the project can live up to the expectations of the most wonderful fans of the property.

Gordon Paddison
New Line

So, it looks like the new official site won't be launching in mid-December as expected. Suprise, suprise. We'll all just have to be patient until January.