The LOTR Movie Site
December 29, 1999

Additional Casting Speculation
Bart Rhodes

I was curious and excited to find many excellent casting choices. I would like to pass on to you my choices for some of the parts yet to be cast. Now I do not even know if these parts will be in the final version of the film but believe they should be considered.

The part of Tom Bombadil (sorely missed in Bakshi debacle) would be a perfect fit for Robin Williams. I still think Steve Buschemi should be Wormtongue, but had Mira Sorvino pegged for Goldberry. The voice of Sauron, if needed would be aptly filled by James Earl Jones or F. Murray Abraham.

What about Butterbur. The Bree set is nearing completion, and the Prancing Pony is the meeting point of Aragorn (aka Strider) and Frodo. With the makeup and special effects available today let's put Billy Crystal (albeit a fattend up actor) in Butterbur's role. "One thing drives out another." I can see him saying it now.

I'm not sure but I don't think the Witch-king of Angmar is cast as of yet. I am very interested to see who gets what is surely to be a coveted baddy role.  How about John Malkovich, or in a classic casting against type, Harrison Ford (think about it).

Finally, I have these actors and actresses to throw out for your speculation: Kurt Russell; Tom Hanks (my choices for Boromir and Faramir respectively); Sandra Bullock (Arwen Evenstar); Leonardo DiCaprio (an elf); Kevin Bacon (another elf); Tom Skerrit; Alec Baldwin; Billy Barty (he is alive is he not?) and Antonio Banderas.