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December 29, 1999

Is Middle Earth Online Gone Forever?
Matthew Bass

Bad news for you LOTR fans who were hoping that the Middle Earth Onlien project was going to be revived. I recently received this e-mail from Aaron:

Subject: Info on Middle Earth Online
From: Aaron
To: bass@tolkien-movies.com
Date: 12-29-99 10:23 AM CST

Hey I just wanted to let you know, incase anyone hasn't noticed that the Middle Earth Online web site is down. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but it's strange that it would be taken down. Unless there is a possibility that they are going to update it? Lets hope so.


I verified that his statements are correct: the official site for the Middle Earth Online RPG game by Sierra has been taken down.

I find it hard to believe that Sierra would take the site down just to do some updating. It's highly irregular for any webmaster with common sense to do that. So I assume that the plans Middle Earth Online that we were exposed to are headed for the dumpster. It's sad, because MEO was looking good.

Perhaps the folks at Sierra decided to change the name of MEO, and a new site has been established somewhere. If anyone has any info regarding this possibility, or any other MEO tidbits, please send it my way.

In any case, once the films break (or even before that, if enough hype builds) we'll hopefully see more Tolkien-related RPG or strategy games hit the market, but for now we're stuck with the MEO legacy.