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January 2, 2000

The Ride of the Grey Company
Michael Martinez (no relation)

Listen my friends and I shall make known
Of Elessar's ride to the Erech stone.
Not a soul in Middle-earth still exists
Who was there to witness that fateful tryst,
When a valiant company clad in grey,
Dared venture down that fearful way,
For this scion of kings was, by destiny, led
down that perilous road known as paths of the dead.
With Aragorn went the rangers, his kin,
Legolas, who fears not the shades of men,
Then Gimli the dwarf, quaking with dread,
Followed at last by the host of the dead.
As that company passed they spread fear and alarm
To every nearby homestead and farm.
Down the valley of Morthond they rode to the hill,
Where Isuldur's heir called them to fulfill
The oath they had broken long years before;
To join Elendil, 'gainst Sauron in war.
At the hill of Erech, with the true king forgiving,
The dead oathbreakers joined the force of the living.
They rode then to Pelargir with all of their might,
Once there, the corsairs of Umbar to fight.
When they arrived the black fleet stood off from the quay,
But the host of the dead carried the day;
For they rode o'er the water as if it were land
And once on the ships no one could withstand
This army of specters, for if any drew near,
The hearts of the southlanders failed them for fear.
Shaking, they let fall thier swords from their hands.
They paled and trembled, completely un-manned.
Weeping and shrieking they leapt overboard,
Drowning to escape from that ghastly horde.
Once the battle was over, Elessar decreed
The oath was fulfilled because of this deed.
"Finally" he said, "you have passed your test.
Wander no more, but depart to your rest."
The Grey Company then took control of the fleet,
And won more renown with another great feat.
Gathering all warriors who remained in the south
They sailed to Harlond from Anduin's mouth.
On the Pelennor field fierce battle was raging,
Most valiant struggle Gondor was waging.
With the Witch King's demise they struck a great blow,
Destroying the author of many a woe.
Victory seemed to be within their grasp
When they looked to the river and saw with a gasp,
That a black fleet was sailing up out of the South
Snatching defeat out of victory's mouth.
Eomer and Imrahil saw how fell was their plight
And both princes purposed to die in the fight,
When suddenly hope was reborn in the world
As on the lead ship the King's banner unfurled.
But that is a tale for another to weave.
Like the host of the dead, I must now take my leave.