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Filming On Beach

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February 1, 2000

Lord of Rings Stays Off Beach

Onlookers at Wellington's Breaker Bay beach bemused by a futuristic-looking pageant being filmed were right to be puzzled.

With actors dressed in long, bluish robes following a leader in white, everyone was guessing they were witnessing a scene from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Everyone was wrong.

Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osborne sent an immediate message that the filming had nothing to do with him: filming was continuing near Hamilton.

Producers of the other big show in town, however, Cloud 9's television series The Tribe, were happy to confirm details of the filming.

The filming was for the second series of the programme, already running in countries around the world, communications executive William Kircher said.

"What you were looking at was an evil, enemy tribe called 'The Chosen' ... they're a quasi-religious cult," he said.

Filming for the 52-episode second series is nearing its end.