February 7, 2000

It's OK For a Big Name Actor to Spill the Beans

Pity poor Eddie McCarthy. Black-listed for writing an account of his time as an amateur extra in Lord Of The Rings in Contact -- and not spilling a single bean in the telling.

Then there's Ian McKellen. He's a big name actor from England. He gets a big part. He plays Gandalf. He writes an account of his time filming Lord Of The Rings -- and posts it on his website for all the world to see.

There's the description of Hobbiton, the village half a mile from Cambridge that was constructed a year ago. The description of the costumes, his appearance, the cast, the cast party. And he describes the soundtrack on the early videotapes -- it was "uneven".

Bet he's not in trouble!

As for Eddie -- well, a bit of publicity, good or bad, hasn't hurt.

He's now landed a part in Ivanhoe. And later this week they're trialing him for a speaking part.