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February 15, 2000

Official German LOTR Beta Site
Matthew Bass

Cirdan at Der Herr der Ringe Film dropped me a line today to let me know that he had discovered a beta version of the official German LOTR site.

The beta site can be visited here. It's likely that the site will be moved once the creators find out that we've located it, though. As a precaution, I've taken several screen shots of the site so interested parties can get a taste of what it looks like even after it's been removed from its current location.

After arriving at the home page you can choose to view an enhanced Shockwave version or a standard HTML version. Both are beautiful, and bear a strong resemblence to the official English LOTR site.

The company that created the site is called CoCo New Media and appears to be a German multimedia presentation provider.

When I visited, none of the links worked and there wasn't any information on the site. My German isn't that good, but I was able to work out the names on the navigation bar. They are as follows:

The Story
The Crew

The copyright notice at the bottom read:

2000 by Cinema World Film Rental Business GmbH, Munich, Germany, www.Kinowelt.de Created by CoCo New Media

A box on the left-hand side of the page also read:

More Soon!

Special thanks to Cirdan and Herr der Ringe Film for correcting my translation of the above text, as well as the navigation menu text.