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February 15, 2000

Uma Thurman Not Involved in LOTR
Matthew Bass

It's pretty much conclusive now that Uma Thurman will not be involved in any way whatsoever with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A couple of days ago TheOneRing.net announced that it had received word from a very reliable source that Thurman would not be in the LOTR films. They contacted Thurman's agent yesterday, who had no comment.

Today I received word from Cirdan of the German movie site Herr der Ringe Film that Michael Deluca had confirmed that Thurman will not be involved.

What does this mean for Jackson's trilogy? I don't think it has any major bearing at this current juncture. The big question now is who will end up playing Eowyn. Several other ladies are rumored to be involved.

We announced last year that Mira Sorvino was being considered for the part of Eowyn. Some also speculated that Cate Blanchett might get the part, but she ended up being chosen to play the Lady Galadriel.

All we can do at this point is wait for Jackson and his crew to make a formal announcement, and on the side, continue working on finding out who will ultimately play the sister of Eomer. Keep visiting to stay updated.