Young Hercules
Craig Parker

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February 16, 2000

Craig Parker is Haldir
Matthew Bass

Joram at Ringbearer is reporting that Craig Parker has been cast as Haldir, the Elf who guides the Company to the capital of Lothlorien. According to Joram, Parker was thought to be playing Elrond at one time.

Sources say that Parker is shooting scenes from Lothlorien right now. Parker has made several guest appearances on Young Hercules and Xena.

Parker was born in 1973 in Rochester, New York. He has not yet appeared in a motion picture, so most of his work has been done for television. It looks like Jackson is continuing to pursue relatively unknown actors to fill roles.

Thanks go to Lookout 2's Young Hercules Site for the photo to the left. More photos of Craig Parker are now available in the Cast & Crew area.

There isn't much more information available on the future Haldir right now. Hopefully, Parker will be able to do a good job of portraying an Elf.

What might be difficult for him is putting everything he can into playing a character that admittedly does not get much screen time. Don't get me wrong, Haldir is an important character. It just might be easier for Rhys-Davies or McKellen because they have larger characters.