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February 18, 2000

Searching For a New Eowyn
Matthew Bass

Site visitor GroBo contacted me yesterday with information on who might be replacing Uma Thurman as Eowyn. He got this scoop for us from a friend of his, who is a camera man working on Lord of the Rings filming.

Apparently, Jackson made a phone call a week ago to his casting assistant in Hollywood to try and find a new Eowyn. What was previously thought was that Thurman had never been considered for the part, but it turns out that we all were wrong. According to this contact, Jackson and crew have completed filming of Fellowship of the Ring, along with several scenes which included Thurman as Eowyn. These will all have to be replaced, of course.

The word on Thurman's dismissal is that Jackson changed his mind on how he pictured Eowyn, although some say it was Thurman's decision. In any case, Jackson is currently looking into filling the role with Julia Roberts or Winona Ryder. Since these ladies probably just received the scripts, we can assume there will be no answers from them for a couple of days.

Since this casting change is late in production, there is some urgency to the matter. As stated above, Fellowship is done (or at least, the non-edited version is) and The Two Towers is half-way through. The scenes with Thurman as Eowyn were nearly completed, so having to re-shoot these scenes with a different actress will push the timetable back a few weeks.

According to this contact, Peter is not worried. The shooting has gone without any major problems so far (there was a small fire in a prop tent, but no vital equipment got destroyed) so no time will be lost in the long run.

My personal feeling on the matter is basically neutral, although I am hesitant to go so far as to insinuate that Julia Roberts would make a good Eowyn. The fact is, I think she wouldn't, but we'll have to see what Jackson does.