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February 18, 2000

Vin Diesel as Aragorn
Matthew Bass

Brian over at The Tolkien Sewer pointed out this interview excerpt today:

IGN SCI-FI: Is the film you're working on now under your own production company?

VD: Doormen. Yes, of course it will be. But it's also with USA Films who did Pitch Black. So yeah, I hope that I will be in a position to be able to do what I want. I got ****** because the movie I wanted to be in all my life, Lord of the Rings, I waited too long and it went to somebody else.

IGN SCI-FI: What character did you want?

VD: I wanted Aragorn. Aragorn, son of Arathorn. But the point is, I wanted to be a part of that, whether it was as a producer, director, actor.

IGN SCI-FI: So why aren't you part of it?

VD: I didn't have the power to do it yet. I'll tell you one thing, if Mel Gibson had wanted to be a part of that movie, he could have. That's what that kind of bankability gives you. I've been pretty hard on myself that I didn't make all this stuff happen soon enough. That's how this business works.

VD: What along the lines of Lord of the Rings would you recommend? What epic film? If you were in charge of putting me in any film, what would it be?

IGN SCI-FI: I'm the same as you. I would have wanted to make Lord of the Rings.

VD: ****! Are we just doomed? Elric doesn't compete with Lord of the Rings?

IGN SCI-FI: Elric would be very cool though.

Interesting how so many people want to get into the Lord of the Rings films, isn't it? I mean, I'm dying to get in, but like this guy I don't have a chance!

Read the rest of the interview here!