Realm of the Ring
Rivendell Set

The Realm of the Ring

February 25, 2000

Visit to Kaitoke Regional Park
Johnny Grindlay

Today I went and found exactly where they are building at Kaitoke Regional Park. I arrived there and went out on to the swingbridge that runs across the river gorge. When I was in the middle I looked upriver and saw a large platform of scaffolding on a cliff face by the river. Of to the side of where I was there were a large group of people swimming in the river which I presumed were the people that were working on the set.

I went down off the bridge and onto the stones next the river. From there I waded down towards the scaffolding on the cliff face. Once at the bottom of the scaffolding I looked around a bit to try find a way up the cliff. After a while I spotted a possible route and went up it. The bush was quite dense and had dead gorse bushes all over the place.

When I got near the top I took a couple of photos. There was a large structure that two men using nailguns were working on. I crept around a bit more to right and right in front of me was the base of a ornate gazebo. I took a photo of it. I climbed up the side of the top part of the scaffolding. I was looking around a tree trunk when one of the guys up on the frame looked straight at me I ducked behind the trunk again quickly. He went back to work so I wonder if he actually saw me.

After a while I started back down the cliff. When I got to the bottom and had walked back towards the carpark a guy on a quad with a big German Sheperd dog drove towards us and said a quick hello and looked at me to see if I had a camera then drove down towards the scaffolding where I had been. I noticed that there was now a guy standing up on the scaffolding.

In my opinion this set is Rivendell. For more set photos, click here.