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February 27, 2000

Exploring Middle Earth Book
Matthew Bass

Author Len Roberto, Jr. e-mailed me yesterday with some information about a new book he has written titled Exploring Middle Earth: Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. He wrote this 75-page book for those who have not experienced Tolkien. He said that with anticipation building over the upcoming films, he felt that an introductory text covering Tolkien as an author, his world, his characters, major themes, and some tidbits about the films would be nice.

Len's work is available in digital-only format and has been published by fatbrain.com. The price of the book is $4.00. This license fee allows you to download and print the book as many times as you desire.

Len included some excerpts from his book in Microsoft Word format. Click here to download these excerpts and get a taste of what his book is about.

Click here to purchase Len's book.