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March 2, 2000

Bree Set at Avalon Studios
Matthew Bass

Our spy Johnny with The Realm of the Ring has learned from a very reliable source that there is a Bree set located at the National Film Unit building in Avalon. It's not known at this point whether this set was built for exterior filming or interior scenes. Johnny is going to check this out for us.

In other news, I've learned from another reliable source that Orlando Bloom (Legolas) is now being filmed at the Helm's Deep set, joining Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) and Liv Tyler (Arwen). Elijah Wood (Frodo), Billy Boyd (Pippen), and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) are still filming in the Shire.

Also, shooting at the Hobbiton set in Hamilton is wrapping up. All remaining Hobbiton scenes will be filmed on sets at Three Foot Six in Wellington.