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March 9, 2000

Lord of the Rings at ShoWest

LORD OF THE RINGS. All sins are forgiven. I loved the hamburger. I thought the press line was lovely. Whatever New Line wants, New Line gets. All they have to do is give me another injection of this pure movie-geek heroin, this beautiful, magnificent, damn-fool experiment of theirs.

I've looked into the CGI eyes of Gollum, and I've found a soul. I've seen the Ringwraiths as they thunder through the woods. I've seen the silhouettes of our beloved Fellowship as they cut across the horizon. I literally started shaking as they showed quick glimpses of Orcs and goblins in full makeup.

Was that Gandalf? Oh, look, it's Samwise! Wow, Frodo looks cool, and Sting seems a mighty blade. Through the entire two minutes, Peter Jackson kept appearing, radiating that quiet confidence of his. I love this guy and his movies, and the faith this footage instills in me is unshakable.

Bring it on. Let me see more. Let me get a better look at Aragorn. Please, please, please, take me back to Helm's Deep. It's really bizarre when they're talking about the influence of the books and we see STAR WARS posters and Frank Frazetta art and a Led Zeppelin album cover all go by, but it's also entirely true. We're finally getting a film version of one of the most influential pieces of literature in history. We're finally going to Middle Earth. 2001, 2002, and 2003, eh? Fine. I'm up for it. I can wait. Any time Peter Jackson and his crew of magicians needs, they should take. It will be worth it.

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