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March 11, 2000

Moria Skin for LOTR Browser Released
Matthew Bass

NeoPlanet has released an update for the official LOTR browser, which includes a new skin: Moria. Unfortunately, the new update removes lots of links from the toolbar that were there previously, so you may not want to run the update. Why they would something like that is beyond me.

The new skin looks very nice. The menu bar to the right is made up of a single Moria-ish piller. What I thought was most interesting is that when the browser is actively bringing up a new page, there is an animated Balrog shadow in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Very cool.

The skin has an overall darkish look and feel to it. Basically, it's made up of orange images over a black background. Matches this site quite nicely!

What I'd like to see now is a Gondor or Rohan skin, perhaps with some rolling hills and some white towers, walls, and battlements. Stop by NeoPlanet and let them know that we want more new skins to enjoy. Perhaps they'll take our advice and appease the hungry Tolkien fans dying for more material.

The new update and Moria skin can be downloaded from NeoPlanet by clicking here. You can download the browser itself here.