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March 20, 2000

News From Around the Web
Matthew Bass

Jonny, our New Zealand spy and sister site webmaster, is expecting to receive a phone call from the LOTR crew later this week for his tour of Helm's Deep, but in the meantime he has been able to confirm that the crew has not filmed on the upper part of the Helm's Deep set yet (the part with the caves).

In addition, Jonny received the following from a reliable source:

Filming at the Helm's Deep set is running behind schedule. Instead of filming all the night time scenes before moving on to the day shots, they have been forced to film intermittently, with the daytime shoots filling most of the hours to finish them before Wellington's autumn weather kicks in. The night scenes will be filmed (apart from one or two exceptions alternating with the daytime shoots) after the day scenes are finished, but it is still unclear as to at what stage this will be.

Also, TheOneRing.net's spy Galadriel spotted Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) at the Helm's Deep set. What does this mean?

Another tip came to me by way of an anonymous informant this morning. Apparently, the Stone Street Studios in Miramar house an Isengard set, and filming with Christopher Lee (Saruman) is going on there right now.

Finally, Kevin Henry, a musician from Michigan, has released a new music album called "The Hobbit." It's a mix of folk, blues, and Southern rock. The lyrics would satisfy any Tolkien purist: www.warmweathermusic.com