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April 13, 2000

Danny Elfman a Contendor for LOTR Composer?
Matthew Bass

Rodrigo at Ringzone.net is reporting that Danny Elfman composed the music for the LOTR preview, as he has heard similar music in other films:

After a bit of research and the sharp ears of alert fan Imperion, I have the following: A very similar tune as the one used in the LotR preview was used in the trailer for the movie Instinct ( The link will take you straight to the trailer, just wait for the final part and hear the music in the background.), music composed by Danny Elfman. The link will take you to his IMDB entry, which is quite impressive BTW. Now besides the fact that he was born to do this score , (Elf-man....), he did the score for... Peter Jackson's Frighteners. Hell, he did Sleepy Hollow, Batman, ( All Tim Burton, and you know what kind of movies he makes...) I think he is a strong contender to do the LotR score. So I decided to mail New Line's exec Gordon Padisson about it, and I got as reply:


i do not know of any developments in this area yet.


Not a no, not a yes. But I think: I guy called Elfman, that has worked with Peter Jackson before, and who's music is used in the preview teaser ? I bet Danny Elfman will do the score for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And you heard it here first. For extensive info on this composer, check the excellent Elfman Zone. Listen to some of the realaudio clips on this site, and convince yourself why we don't need no James Horner or John Williams.