The news at Mithril:-

We have finally shipped the Nazgul, if you have ordered
them and they have not arrived, they should arrive soon. If
you have been waiting to see them in your local shop, they
will be arriving soon.

Unique Mithril Tee shirts. We are producing a limited
edition version and then we will produce a regular shirt.
The limited edition will be an extra heavy weight black
brushed cotton shirt with a silver Mithril logo. The
price for the limited edition shirt is IR 9.99 plus
postage. We will be ordering the shirts on the 2nd of May,
so get your order in soon.

You will find details of the next Mithril figures to be
produced at:-


The master figure auction has
started today and details can be found at:-


We are now stocking the Vallejo range of vinyl acrylic
paints. We can highly recommend these paints! You
can find out more at:-


We have some new e-mail addresses, the old mithril@iol.ie
will continue to be monitored, but the new addresses
should be an improvement. The system is as follows:-

info@mithril.ie       - General e-mail
mailorder@mithril.ie  - Mail order enquiries
trade@mithril.ie      - Trade enquiries
webmaster@mithril.ie  - Web site related issues
mlist@mithril.ie      - Mailing list requests

Adam Dawson
Mithril Web Master