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April 18, 2000

Boromir and the Ring
Matthew Bass

I've received numerous comments from fans worried about what the preview scene with Boromir holding the Ring might mean. Here are some of them:

Boromir w/the Ring?

I was as perplexed as many people seeing Boromor hold the One Ring in the trailer. Recently, however, I wondered if this was a vision Boromir had while looking into Galadriel's Mirror. Since the mirror exposes people's innermost  desires as well as what might be, it seems obivious Boromir's lust for the ring would have been exposed. But when I looked in the Fellowship, it only mentions Frodo and Sam looking into the mirror. Then I realized that my memory of Boromir gazing came from the BBC radio version of the trilogy. Stil, it's possible that Jackson and his people might have liked this interpretation enough to steal it. -- ANDY B.

I know the arguements about altering the story alot is an issue.  I can see both sides, but can someone tell me why Borimor is holding the ring in the preview?!?!? In fact as I recall the only ones to touch the ring in the trilogy were  Bilbo, Frodo, Tom, and Sam.. I find this pretty odd...    There was a point in the story that noone should possess the ring unless the most dire need arose (especially Boromir). -- JAFO