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April 20, 2000

Boromir and the Ring: Part II
Matthew Bass

I've received numerous comments from fans worried about what the preview scene with Boromir holding the Ring might mean. Here are more of them:

Boromir w/the Ring?

If we look carefully at the image of Boromir gazing at the Ring we notice mountains in the background. At the council of Elrond Boromir saw the Ring for the first time. I think this image must be from a scene at the Council of Elrond with the misty mountains in the background.

In the book Frodo holds the Ring aloft for all present to gaze at. Apart from Bilbo, Sam, Gandalf and Elrond ( while healing Frodo) no one else touches the Ring

Perhaps Peter Jackson allows the Ring to be passed around at the Council of Elrond and we get a look at each member of the Fellowship seeing the Ring.

Andy B. mentions a vision associated with Galadriels Mirror, only Frodo and Sam looked into the Mirror, but perhaps he is forgetting that Galadriel tested the members of the Fellowship, the scene in discussion might be a vision she gave to Boromir to test him.
-- JIM K.

I'm not certain if this is the mail address I should have used to share my opinion of the "Boromir with Ring" scene. If I was wrong, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'd like to remind everyone that it seems that in the two-movie version of the scripts, Gollum tried to attack Frodo, and before being driven away, he managed to pull the chain from his net. (I read those comments in OneRing) There, it also seems, "Boromir has his first encounter with the Ring".

It seems to me clear that that's what this picture represents. A brief moment when Boromir retrieves the fallen ring, and stares at it, tempted. And though I'm sure that purists will object to this deviation, I personally don't mind it at all...

This is a theory I also posted in rec.arts.books.tolkien but which was little noticed there.
-- ARIS K.