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April 20, 2000

Master Meriadoc

I saw Dominic Monaghan (Merry) in quite a major role in the British programme Monsignor Renard the other night. He was really good, really moving and a much better actor then when I last saw him (in Hetty Wainthrop). Anyway, I then went nosing over the main site for Monsignor Renard and low and behold, found this interview with him.

He ever mentions the new film, though the interview was clearly done some months ago. Since he's such an unknown to most people outside the UK thought you might be interested:


Oh, and P.S. on the Boromir issue, he definately did not look into the mirror of Galadriel in the BBC radio production. Only Frodo and Sam did. For myself, I think it's just another bit they've added in to the film to make it more obvious to people why Boromir wants the ring so badly.

Maybe Frodo slips and falls up on the mountains and drops it, Boromir picks it up, but before handing it back is enthralled by it. So later on he tries to take it back. Just one option.