The Realm of the Ring
April 24, 2000

An Interview With an Elf
Realm Reporter

Question: What kind of creature:person were you in the filming?

Answer: An Elf. A fighting one, I've used both the sword and bow and arrow.

Question: Are you going to be doing any more film work?

Answer: Hopefully, The work at helms deep is done but they said they may be needing the extras later in the year for other parts of filming.

Question: Have you done any blue screen filming at all?

Answer: Yes I did one day of blue screen work. It was interesting and quite hard, but an experience non the less

Question: Have you had to do any stunt work etc?

Answer: Only a minimal, fighting on battlements 30 metres up, but nothing major.

Questions: Have you ever freaked out from seeing some of the ugly things that you're been fighting?

Answer: No I can't say I have, however I watched them being transformed from people to creatures while at wardrobe and would eat lunch with them at 11pm so they were hardly scary to fight.