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May 3, 2000

Elemental Films to Delay LOTR Short
Matthew Bass

As many of you know, a studio in California called Elemental Films has been working on a Lord of the Rings film short, probably to feature a story centered around the relationship between Aragorn and Arwen.

It looks like their plans have been halted due to some copyright problems. Hopefully they'll get started up again. Their work looked promising.

I received the following from Sam at Elemental Films today:

To those concerned:

We at Elemental Films wish to thank you for your continued support and interest in the "Elessar" project. Unfortunately due to many problems, communication and legality related, the project is on temporary hold until we can secure rights to Professor Tolkien's fictional names.

You have all inspired us to deliver a film worthy of the high quality of Tolkien's work, and to bring Middle-Earth (and maybe even some of Aman and Numenor) to life. We also do not wish to contend or misuse publicity from Mr. Jackson's project -- we all are tremendously excited about it (and will be front in line to buy tickets).

We will let you know if further progress is made. Included are some teaser production drawings not previously available to the public that might give you a glimpse of our ideas. Again, we thank everyone for their support.

Sam R. Balcomb, Director
Eomer, spokesperson, Elemental Films
contact: elessarmovie@aol.com