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Karl Urban

The Dominion
May 3, 2000

Éomer Has Been Cast
Matthew Bass

Some of my Internet spies are reporting that Éomer, nephew of Theoden who is the leader of the inhabitants of Rohan, has been cast. Karl Urban got the job.

Upon perusing Karl's IMDB entry, I discovered that he was born in 1972 in Wellington, New Zealand. Most of his television appearances have been on "Xena: Warrior Princess," but he does have a limited film career.

Most recently, he participated in Amazon High (1999) and Heaven (1998).

More info in this actor can be found at About Karl Urban:

Karl Urban is originally from Wellington, New Zealand, but lives in Auckland at this time. He's unmarried with no children, his birthday is 7 June 1972.

His first acting role was when he was 8 -- he had a line on a television show. He didn't act again until after high school. As he was preparing to attend Victoria University, he was offered a role in the NZ drama (soap opera) Shortland Street. After filming the show (an evening soap opera), he attended the university for one year, then left to pursue his acting career. He landed a number of roles in the theater in Wellington.

He moved to Auckland where a number of guest roles in NZ television followed. One of his first roles was that of a heroin addict in the drama Shock in the Park. He was in a movie as well, entitled Once in Chunuck Bay. Other television roles followed, including a guest starring role in the series White Fang.

Karl is, and has almost always been, very active. He worked on his aunt and uncle's farm for many years doing odd jobs. He's a proficient horseback rider, which served him well when he filmed a show called Riding High, a children's show about horses. In addition, Karl also enjoys surfing and indoor rock climbing. In fact, he sometimes goes rock climbing with Gabrielle herself, Renee O'Conner.